Why School Nurses need to learn to use our outside voices.

recessAs a School Nurse, I love hearing a teacher say to her class as they reach the playground, “Okay class – it’s okay to use your outside voices now.”  I’m afraid that we School Nurses are still waiting for someone to give us that permission.

Why are nurses in general (and School Nurses in particular) so reluctant to take their professional message to Social Media?  Are we so afraid that we are going to impulsively blurt out HIPAA protected client information?  Are we worried that there might be a prohibition against professional use of Social Media buried on page 132 of the Human Resources Employee Handbook?

It’s part of who we are as nurses to be cautious about client confidentiality and policies and procedures but over and over again School Nurses are confronted by the reality that, if we do not tell our story, someone else will tell the story and cast us as a minor character in the narrative.  School Administrators will write our story for us.  State level agencies will write our story for us.

I want School Nurses to be the ones who tell the story of what School Nursing is and what School Nursing can do.  To do that we have to learn to blog.  We have to learn to tweet.  We have to learn to use our outside voices again.