Now trending upwards: School Nurse blogs

trending upwardsLearn one.  Do one.  Teach one.  That model doesn’t only apply to catheterization and venipuncture skills – it now applies to technology and digital communication.

School nurses are sharing their skills and teaching other school nurses to explore the digital communication toolbox. That is the model of #TANTTT (Teach a Nurse to Tweet Tuesday).  That is the model of the NASN Twitter Mentors at #NASN2014 and #NASN2015.  That is the model of School Nurse Blogs like

Regina Wysocki  

Abby Pelletier      

Brenna Quinn      

me, Jessica Porter

Beth Mattey         

Michelle Sobande

Do you know the line in CPR when we point to the bystander and say, “You – call 911 and bring me the AED”?  Well, I’m pointing at you – Have you thought of blogging as a tool to share your school nurse story?  I would like nothing more that to add your name to this list of school nurse bloggers, of 21st century nurses.